Vacations Overview

Imagine cruising across sparkling blue waters as a family or a private magical time spent riding free and unfettered on the water with that special person you love the most. Pulling your friends on water skis or a wakeboard.

Enjoying our two WaveRunners will add to the excitement and enjoyment of your vacation.



Take an afternoon swim then join your family and friends top side for an afternoon of spectacular scenery and cocktails in the 10 person Hot Tub. Accompanied with canapes and laughter you can take your time to while away the hours while capturing the perfect sunset.




For fun in the sun and sea, Harmony offers a comprehensive selection of enjoyable water toys.

Kneeboards and Wakeboards are towed behind our tender or Waverunners.  Inflatable tube rides are fun and exhilarating for the young and older. A gentle paddle around gorgeous bays and rivers from our inflatable, clear bottom Kayaks keep your daily exercise routine in check!

Snorkelling equipment is available in a full range of styles and sizes and your crew will scout out the best snorkelling areas.

Diving is available from professional companies only.



Shopping, Hiking, Dining and Tours are popular activites and can easily becatered for. Your Captain and Crew will research the best tours and activities in your charter area.





An excellent  selection of  popular board games, cards,books and dvds can be found onboard and more often than not our guests let out their “inner rock star!” and enjoy a fun filled night on the mike with our huge collection of Karaoke songs to sing and dance along with.

Massage therapists
or Personal Trainers can be arranged to come onboard to really provide you with that extra measure of relaxation or workout you don’t want to miss out on!Smooth tunes on the surround sound stereo system can be enjoyed all day long and  movie nights outside can be a great way to enjoy your yacht charter.

Wifi is available also.

Tell me about the crew.

Your crew are professionals dedicated to your perfect vacation. In the course of the week they wear many hats. They are there to serve you and guide you safely and comfortably through your charter. They also can be a great source of fun.

Chartering is an intimate setting and you would find the crew in tune to your personalities. If you view your crew as service staff, they do that masterfully. If you rely on them for guidance and entertainment, you will have a great time. If you include them in the personality of your week, you would certainly find new friends. It’s all up to you.

Should we tip the crew?


Tips are never mandatory. Gratuities are made as an appreciation of excellent service. We are confident that your crew will exceed your expectations.

After your stay aboard, you will realize that your crew are more than hardworking, more than just personable, more than professional. Their only additional benefit from their exceptional service is the gratuity.

We suggest you consider a gratuity of 10-20% of the total charter fee.

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What other expenses should we expect?

Transportation, Scuba Diving, Land Based Tours and Onshore Dining are at the chartering party expense.

Please keep in mind using Limousines in place of Taxis or Minivans will incur larger than normal fees for transportation, Extensive hours of travel time, and long distances traveled at sea will incur larger than normal fuel expenses, Dockage at Marinas every night will incur larger than normal dockage expenses, Extra Curriculum activates like diving and water rafting are at the additional expense of the chartering party. Delicacies and Specialty Champagnes will incur a larger than normal food and beverage expense.

NOTE: The current euro/US exchange rate is used for Mediterranean cruising.

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